Cold brew coffees

06 Feb Iced Coffee Guide.

A Guide to Cold Brew Coffee

When the temperature heats up, the coffee seems to cool down.

When brewing your own keep in mind the grind, the ratio and the roast. Be aware that cold brewing requires larger quantities of beans due to a higher coffee to water ratio and can have a higher caffeine content due to its concentrated nature. Adding milk or water can reduce this.

Cold Drip –
Water dripped slowly through the coffee at a steady rate. We leave ours to brew for 6-12 hours – also called Dutch or Kyoto

Cold Brew –
Coffee grounds steeped in water over a long period (up to 24 hours) – time replaces heat

Iced Coffee –
Hot brewed coffee served cold over ice

Japanese Iced Coffee –
Coffee brewed hot directly onto ice

Nitro Brew –
Cold brewed then charged with nitrogen, stored in kegs, pressurised and served from a tap – it has a creamy Guinness-like consistency

Hot or cold? Either way, just make sure you always use fresh, quality beans and take the time to enjoy.


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