21 Dec Our Brew Guide for Plunger

A plunger is an easy and practical way to make freshly brewed coffee whether at home, work or travelling.

You may have also heard it referred to as a French Press, Coffee Press, Press Pot or Cafetiére.

Although it has seen a slight dip in popularity as other portable brewing methods and domestic espresso machines become available, its convenience and speed guarantee that it will not be disappearing from our kitchens anytime soon.

Our top tips for the perfect brew –

QUALITY: Use fresh, quality coffee – ideally whole bean and grind as needed

GRIND: Use coffee that is specifically ground for plunger – a coarser grind than espresso

WATER: Use pure or filtered water when possible

QUANTITY: Use recommended water to coffee ratios

CLEAN: Thoroughly clean the press after each use to avoid tainting your next brew
We recommend using a dishwasher
It has the best results in eliminating the residual oils that can accumulate in the plunger

Method –

Fill your kettle or saucepan with filtered water and either bring to the boil and let stand briefly or remove it from the heat just off the boil

Pour hot water into the plunger to warm it then discard. This will help keep the coffee at the optimal temperature

Add freshly ground coffee to your plunger
We recommend 8g of coffee per 250mls of water – the equivalent of a heaped dessert spoon of coffee per cup

Pour hot water into the plunger to saturate the grinds and to fill it to the half way mark – stir and let sit for a moment

Add the remaining hot water

Let steep for 3-4 minutes

Depress slowly and steadily

If it is too hard to plunge the grind is too fine
If it is too easy to plunge the grind is too coarse

Once depressed, serve/ decant immediately as the coffee can continue to brew and over extract.

Take the plunge, sit back, relax, drink and enjoy.


Byron Bay Coffee Company plunger coffee is roasted lighter than espresso which results in a light, clean and vibrant cup.

We have four unique blends perfect for plunger:

Classic – an aromatic, medium strength blend with full vibrant flavours
A smooth clean body and a pleasant lingering aftertaste

Organic – 100% Certified Organic*
A well rounded, deep flavoured blend, slightly sweet with a rich, creamy body

Harmony – Rainforest Alliance Certified.
A complex blend, medium to full body with a pleasant, smooth, clean flavour

Organic Decaf – 100% Certified Organic* and Rainforest Alliance Certified**
Extracted using the Mountain Water Method
A silky smooth body, sweet acidity and a chocolaty aftertaste

To order your blend of choice, visit our online store.

*100% Certified Organic – coffee imported from plantations that have been certified by the world certification organisation, the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA).

 ** Rainforest Alliance Certified –coffee that is grown using environmentally sustainable methods, including protection of rivers, soil and wildlife and incorporating fair wages and improved conditions for farmers and workers.


Photo credit: @kitwisephotographygc

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