09 May Our Brew Guide for Aeropress

The Aeropress is a one-cup brewer that is simple, portable and lightweight.

It is a straightforward and convenient way to make freshly brewed coffee whether at home, work or travelling.

This oversized syringe is also inexpensive, compact and very easy to clean.

The Aeropress has grown in popularity amongst coffee enthusiasts as the go-to manual extraction brewing method.

Over 3000 passionate converts from around the globe come together annually to compete in the World Aeropress Championships, now in its 11th year.

Our top tips for the perfect brew –

QUALITY: Use fresh, quality coffee – ideally whole bean and grind as needed

GRIND: Preferably use coffee that has been ground in between espresso (finer) and plunger (coarser) grind.
Experiment with grinds to get yours right. It is recommended that the grind should be as fine as table salt/ caster sugar. If you do not have a grinder, we recommend our Harmony blend which  is ground for plunger. It is SO delicious.

WATER: Use pure or filtered water when possible

QUANTITY: We recommend the use of a scale for accuracy, otherwise use approx 17g of coffee to 220ml water.
The Aeropress is open to experimentation so play around with ratios.

CLEAN: Thoroughly clean and dry before and after use. Always rinse filters to eliminate any paper flavours

EQUIPMENT: Aeropress, filter, tablespoon or scoop, kettle, cup

Standard Method

Fill your kettle or saucepan with filtered water and either bring to the boil and let stand briefly or remove it from the heat just off the boil

Place the filter in the base and rinse with hot water then completely empty

Measure approx. 14 – 17g ground coffee (two tablespoons)

Sit the device atop your mug/ cup and add the coffee to the chamber

Fill with half the water (100 mls)

Stir thoroughly

Add the remaining hot water

Stir again, wait 2 minutes

Insert plunger and push down with even, steady pressure to extract

Stop depressing when you hear a hissing sound (approx 30 seconds)

Inverted Method –

Set your Aeropress to the inverted position without the cap

Add coffee and water as per Standard Method

Attach cap and filter to the chamber

Flip the Aeropress carefully and place atop mug/ cup

Push to extract

Clean –

Remove cap and filter

Push the plunger to eject the puck (spent coffee)

Rinse and wipe dry

Extra Tips –  

Eject used coffee grounds immediately after use for longevity of your Aeropress

Filters can be washed and reused

Compost your grinds and used filters

Use @byronbaycoffeecompany  Harmony beans.

So if you like your coffee quick and with a minimum of fuss, Aeropress and enjoy.



  • Joshua
    Posted at 08:05h, 10 April Reply

    Great post and tips! The aeropress seems great! Definitely going to try it out. Thank you and keep it up

    • toby
      Posted at 14:48h, 09 July Reply

      Thank you Joshua, we appreciate that!

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